I have known Ms. LaChanda Green for over 20 years. Ms. Green is a very close friend of my family; however, I consider her more like a big sister. She is a woman of great integrity and honesty. She is thoughtful and compassionate, and often put the needs of others before her own. Ms. Green has many years of experience working with children and young adults. She was an educator for many years, and has worked diligently to improve the lives of young people both in and outside the workplace. At the age of 15, she offered me an opportunity to assist her in running a summer camp program for young children. It was an awesome experience for me. Under her leadership and guidance, I was able to acquire skills like patience, discipline, and creativity. I don't know anyone who is more driven, more dedicated, more passionate or caring than Ms. LaChanda Green when it comes to her love for being a leader and positive influence on the lives of others.

Testimonial K. Chadwick
K. Chadwick

First of all congratulations on this endeavor that you have been so determined to accomplish. I believe this program is going to be very helpful to our young people in this 21st century. Much love to you LaChanda and to those who assisted you and above all...to God be the Glory!

Testimonial Rev. Dr. Joyce A. Graham
Rev. Dr. Joyce A. Graham

First and foremost, it warms my heart to hear that someone is willing to teach the young adults heading into the real world about finances and entrepreneurship. Teachers and educators are the true unsung hero’s. Oh how I wish they offered an after school program teaching us about finances, business and entrepreneurship years ago! Secondly, Ms. Green has a knack to teach. I had the pleasure of visiting her class when she taught young kids in grade school. The compassion and care was so overwhelming, the children would tell their parents, “I am telling Ms. Green, and she will have a talk with you.” Those kids and their parents loved Ms. Green beyond words. So much so, she is often invited to a graduation, wedding, family function, or gathering by her former students. Last, but not least, Ms. Green will teach you how to work with what you have. Take advantage of this after school program and spread the word to your friends and pay it forward. Ms. Green will encourage you to pursue your dreams, because if you do not work on building your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs. Teaching and sharing her expertise in financing is Ms. Green’s Legacy, it would be beneficial for you to take part in it. Thank you for giving of your time Ms. Green! Keep Striving!

Testimonial J.E. DeLaney
J.E. DeLaney

I have worked with LaChanda Green on many projects and at different levels, and I know her to be the consummate professional. Not only does she possess the skills, knowledge and intellect to strategize, manage, and execute a well-written plan, she is driven in the measurement of achieving desired outcomes. She exceeds far above the average taskmaster in her performance, commitment and responsibilities in her area of specialization. What I love most about her work is, she is a visionary. She is passionate. She is intuitive. She is innovative. She is masterfully multi-faceted. Her education and experience gives her an advantage in her field and in practice... She alone is all parts of the team, but is highly gifted in motivating others to effectively collaborate as an organized unit.

Testimonial Charlotte A. Neely
Charlotte A. Neely
Nonprofit Management