We provide business, finance, and entrepreneurship classes, seminars, and workshops for the students.


Enriching Lives to Succeed (EL2S), Inc. is in the business of giving students a compass for purpose and vision through business and entrepreneurship education, financial literacy, personal leadership training and success experiences. EL2S helps middle and high school students to discover their purpose, improve their skills, and celebrate their talents to be economic leaders in their communities.


EL2S is focused to provide a structured support in linking students to business, finance, and entrepreneur mentors to help them to succeed. Our mentoring committee provides group mentoring sessions and activities that focus on Educational and Career Opportunities, Self Awareness, and Social Development.


8-Week After School Coaching Program


We believe that financial literacy is important to our youth.  EL2S programs and workshops provide information that enhances and encourages financial literacy; and business and entrepreneurship opportunities.  Our goal is to teach our youth the skills, both scholastic and financial, to not only survive, but also flourish in their communities.  We will strive to ensure that they understand entrepreneurial and business strategies; and the value of personal finance.  All the lessons connect to core math and literacy skills.

Research shows financial success starts early.  Building financial knowledge and behaviors early is important for our youth’s long-term personal financial well-being and contributes to the overall economic health of the nation.  It has been said that going to school and getting good grades doesn’t guarantee success.  However, EL2S has a school solution to promote financial capability among young students and encourage building their financial capability at an early stage in schools thus creating more critical thinkers.